Beyond Locals Only, the Finale: Adios, O.S.

I started this blog in January, after my departure as editor of the North Coast News; I had moved to Arizona, but wanted to stay on as editor for a while, and continue the blog that I started indefnitely (double meaning: I started it without definition, and wanted to keep it going for an indefinite period of time). Bill Crawford, the publisher of the North Coast News and Daily World, shot down both ideas from his Aberdeen office.

So I launched my own blog, to wrap up some unfinished business and keep an eye on things.

Now that my old house over on a lovely court between Butterclam and Marine View has sold, I officially have no ties with Ocean Shores. I am what the Russians would call Superfluous Man. As such, I will discontinue my increasingly infrequent contributions here, though I will keep it active for a while for folks to comment, gossip, toss ideas around, and maybe even report some real news . . . doesn’t seem like the North Coast News/No Coast News is doing much reporting, from what I hear.

Some questions, for those who care to ponder, bounce around and maybe pursue:

*Why did Crawford nuke the blog that I started? It contained hundreds of comments on issues, as well as the only electronic version of the many “stir-the-pot” (as my detractors called them) research stories on Ocean Shores union contracts, legal payments during the storm drain lawsuit, local voting and candidate positions, library spending issues, crime stories, features, etc.

If you’re wondering, go ahead and ask Crawford about it, and/or demand to have it back:  Bill Crawford, 360-537-3945 /

*Will Ocean Shores continue to avoid bankruptcy by tip-toeing the law, refusing to pay back citizens the “interfund transfers” and “interfund loans” totaling in the millions, not having a professional negotiator taking the citizens’ side against the heavyweight unions, placating the unions with annual pay increases and generous sick/vacation payouts, refusing to look at ideas like outsourcing policing (using the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Department) . . . and using every trick in the book to get more money out of property owners?

*Under Ken Mercer’s direction, the Ocean Shores Convention Center was a financial catastrophe, overspending by hundreds of thousands of dollars for several years running, and requiring those good ol’ “interfund loans.” Will Mayor Crystal Dingler ever investigate the emails that were deleted — breaking state laws for retention — by Mercer? Does anyone suspect that emails between Mercer and the advertising agency that was paid huge fees might expose a problem?

*Will Dingler or anyone else investigate the library’s seemingly bogus “request for qualifications” — which was done only after my investigations into the library’s un-bidded use of the husband of a board member as a computer consultant paid thousands of dollars? Oh, and isn’t it curious that the RFQ was done after a first library levy lost, used a huge chunk of that very consultant’s own writing — yet was called by a board member “showing the voters our transparency”?

Email Dingler at You might also ask her about being “Facebook friends” with the local fire department union representative.

*Ocean Shores continues to play a dangerous version of “Political Karaoke,” with amateur city council members mouthing along to the words they are being fed. During campaigns to get elected, they pound podiums and beat their chests and make all sorts of bold claims about what they are going to do for you if you vote them into office . . . and, once elected, quickly shrivel up and play the game. Why do none of them demand change, investigations, etc.?

*Do state audits mean anything? Year after year, Ocean Shores is pounded for its financial shenanigans by the state auditor’s office; and the city’s reply is always, “Ooops, sorry, won’t happen again!” Until the next year . . . Here’s my story from last year (rare link that the Aberdeen folks forgot to remove). It even made Seattle TV news; likely to be more of the same, when this year’s audit comes out. And the O.S. City Hall response will be, “Don’t worry, auditors — we figured out a way to get an endless stream of money from residents, we’re calling it ‘the ambulance utility’!”

*Why does local watchdog Don Williams know more about, and constantly point of the mistakes of, financial rules than anyone at City Hall? After a string of errors and misinformation, you would have thought finance director Steve Ensley would have resigned, by now; but no, his arrogance only increases, as he badgers and lectures about how O.S. doesn’t have to listen to state findings, and the only problem we have is that locals don’t pay enough in taxes!

*Why hasn’t Dingler demanded a restructuring of the incredible “Exempt Employees Agreement”? . . . Oh, that’s right: Because she’s buddies with Ensley, Styner and the rest of the Exempters! How’s that for representing your best interests, 289ers?!

*Does any of the above trouble you? Please don’t hold your breath and wait for the current No Coast News or (Almost) Daily World to do any investigation. But you might contact someone at the Seattle Times, or one of the Seattle TV stations, and say, “Hey, we’ve got some funny business going on here, why don’t you come down and take a look at this and that?”

All that being said: If you can find out a way to make a living there, or are looking for a quiet, peaceful, beautiful place to retire, Ocean Shores can be a great place to live. The deer; the waves; the Weatherwax, that undeveloped, mini-forest that one fictional character would kill to protect; the eagles, soaring over head or just hanging out on driftwood, with that, “So, what are you lookin’ at?” attitude;  the fantastic storms, yielding fascinating beach combing opportunities; the incredible, almost shocking lack of traffic (except on a few busy weekends); the “crime scene” that is dominated by speeding tickets and loose dogs, not murder and mayhem as in the big cities; the clean, endless beaches; the mysterious, world-set-apart dunes, setting of more fictional crime; the good folks like Don, Arnold, the Flying Cats and Elk Head crews, “Miss Bliss” and the Anchor crew, Bill from U-haul, Jim and Rose of the Collins Inn (bummer about the restaurant closing!), Nikki from the Shilo, Rose and Nicky and the others who keep an eye on “the senators”; Gary, Martha, Chuck Frank and Bongo from the ol’ neighborhood; the Wednesday morning rabble rousers (stop by the library Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m. if you want to know what’s really going on around town); the amazing, priceless, why-can’t-she-be-mayor? Gene Woodwick; the other Gene, that wise, tireless Gene Seeley, who year after year tells everyone who will listen how great it would be to have a firebreak in the dunes . . . and maybe some day they will act on his advice, before a quarter of the city burns down; the fog horns at night, and big ships coming and going from Grays Harbor to the rest of the world; the dogs romping on the beach, happier than any dogs, anywhere; Gary and all the other great photographers who capture those beach and wildlife moments; “the other Iversen,” Chris, a good, hard-working cop that represents the best in trustworthy police work, and the best of the often-beleaguered city workers; the drive up the 109, to see what’s going on (or not) “up the beach,” to quote Gene W.; the walk out Damon Point, with or without those superstar birds, the snowy owls; awkwardly paddling a blow-up kayak around stunning Duck Lake . . .

Ah yes, it’s all making me homesick. Maybe, someday, when I start collecting Social Security (if it’s still around), Ocean Shores will make a nice retirement nest.

Hold down the fort, until then . . .

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60 Responses to Beyond Locals Only, the Finale: Adios, O.S.

  1. The more things change the more they stay the same says:

    Not to worry Tom. The insanity will continue as normal here. What makes the paper will only be the icing on the cake that lacks a backside because the dog has eaten it. No more will anyone know what is happening because the only way of knowing the truth is the grapevine. Puffery and rosy stories will prevail. The cause of many of the petty thefts and burglaries will be swept under the carpet. The bored kids, drug users, and just bad people will still plunder the town while officers listen to books on tape. Watch as they leave town. One just moved to Aberdeen from his house on Woodland. Soon none will pay taxes here. Each will use the city car to commute from all over Grays Harbor while making three times the local income. Home values are still sliding. But you will hear the “real estate report” that means nothing. Poor management will prevail. Best to just watch the deer, birds, and tourist. All do things that make you laugh.

    • sandbuster says:

      Sounds like somebody is jealous!

      • Bump in the night says:

        He does not sound jealous. Who would want to move to Aberdeen? That is like moving from the frying pan into the fire. I hope the tweakers there makes them happy!

    • is back says:

      Lower Ocean Shores Taxes or L.O.S.T.

      An Update for 10-17-2013. The upcoming council elections.

      Council election time is here again, and I would like to express my opinion in the two candidate races.

      First of all, the Farra-Crawford race. Farra has been on council for several years, and observing her behavior at council, it seems that when it comes to an important council vote, she appears to not have done adequate preparation prior to the council meeting, and as a result, frequently abstains her vote. This is, in my opinion not a candidate we should have for another four years. Crawford, on the other hand, grasps the current issues facing residents, and appears to be a good choice for bringing these issues to light at council meetings.

      As far as the Broadbent-Peterson race, remember that Broadbent was previously appointed to council and lost his position at the next election. Can you remember a single accomplishment he made during his tenure? His performance appeared to me to just have followed the majority of the consensus of one of the worst councils we have ever had. I think that we need a new face with new ideas here, so Peterson would be my choice for this position.

      We need to get out of this tax and spend mentality that past councils have made customary for too many years. The only way to accomplish this is to get a council that can give new perspectives as to how these problems can be resolved. We cannot afford four more years of the status quo. Let’s give the new faces a chance.

      Please call or email me for any questions concerning this website Al Lizakowski, 361-949-9258, email

      • good point Gary... says:

        Al, keep it up buddy. We get no news here anymore. We still do not know who started the dune fire and the same with the poor dog that was (?) mistreated and died, no news!

      • Keep it up Al, we get no news here. Who started the dune fire? What happened in the case of the mistreated dog that died of being abused and whatever else we have not even heard about.

    • Kody says:

      Well .. Came here looking for a connection to help spread my new repair computer shop info and left wondering about way to much… 0_0

  2. Really do miss you Tom, the news that’s fit to print and of course “the blog”!
    Here it is almost two weeks since the Dune fire and we still do not know the name of the guy who started it.

    • sandbuster says:

      Did you ever think it just might be under investigation still genius?

      • Not the norm, except Ocean Shores says:

        That still does not mean they can’t name the person. They always put “XYZ Agency is investigating the incident.” Yet, the names of the involved parties are released.

      • When did that ever stop them from naming suspects before…

      • sandbuster says:

        Why does it matter anyhow? Who cares about the persons name. It makes zero difference with the information already known.

      • Accountable says:

        Because then you can watch for the name in court proceedings and jail roster. The only information known is that it happened. For stupid actions there should be consequences and the public knowing who did it increases the assurance that some friend of LEOs or Local Government is not given a pass on their actions.

  3. Anne says:

    Sorry to see you go…OS and NCN just ain’t the same without you!

  4. Wayne says:

    I do hope that Ocean Shores stays on your radar screen as you are able to cut through the fog of the City Government and at least give us some idea of what we are up against. I am frustrated as well, thinking about getting out, but as you know, I am not alone and prices are terrible to try and recoup my investment. And then I go over this weekend and it was truly breathtaking… Sun out, mild wind, warm at night, just one of those weekends and I start to rethink leaving… but the rain is coming, that stupid council will continue to run the place in the ground and out of principle, I will want to leave… Unless the County takes it over… then who knows.. stay as involved as you can and use plenty of sunscreen..


  5. Keep Ocean Shores green, bring fresh money says:

    Good point Gary, In spite of the “happy talk” from realtors, the County Assessor has the real sales numbers. Currently they are running 13.54% below the 2011 assessed values. Everyone thought 2010, the year the 2011 assessments were based upon, was bad. The slide continues. The statement that the foreclosures have slowed makes me laugh. The banks and private parties are still taking over homes here. Soon the city will be doing it to properties. Although many of those are empty lots, it still impacts other properties. Your only hope is that someone who does not do their due diligence shows up to buy your house. Hope that poor soul does not want to open a business without checking the realities of 3 months of sales and 9 months of drought. Maybe if they offered something other than tourist products and duplicate restaurants they would survive. Even Tony Byer from ACE is on the way out of town to NM. I guess the desire to find sunshine is too strong for many. Always remember the city motto: “Keep Ocean Shores green, bring fresh money.”

  6. Trapped says:

    A lot of people are not going to like the truth written here.

  7. Green Bean says:

    Well, Adios to you too Amigo… I did always read all the blog comments after your famous departure and picked out what tid bits I thought might be credible. I saved,(and glad I did), every paper copy of your NCN from your first day as editor in chief till the last day, and now have them stored in sealed plastic containers available for future research as needed to prove future points if required. I must admit that I did look forward each week to receiving my paper in the mail and reading all the articles. It made me feel like I too had a connection to my new future retirement home.
    Alas, now my wife and I feel like coming here was indeed the biggest mistake we could have ever made and are now financially trapped, like so many others have said, and can not afford to move out – yet…But again who knew?
    But in a way, it was my own fault, to a degree, since I tried to become involved and informed on city affairs and civic history, attending meetings and such, but the more I learned,(especially who all the power players are or have become along with the shadow citizen government that really calls the shots and influences/runs everything) the more I became dumfounded, disenchanted, and now just apathetic. Several things that I have learned are that the old sayings are true – you can never go home as it is never the same as you remembered or as nice as you thought things would turn out to be. Places are never as good the second time around, even if you patiently wait 12 years for progress to occur. You can NOT put lightening back in the bottle. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks but old politicians always have and will use lots of new tricks. And most important -never build a new life on wet shifting sand as you will be disappointed over and over again until there is nothing left. It was fun – it was real, but its now NOT real fun anymore. Adios Tom!

    PS My one regret is that I never met Lorraine T. I always liked her comments/thoughts..

    • I know Lorraine and I will email her this link, she is a full time resident now.

    • Lorraine T. says:

      Thank you Green Bean, and may I return the compliment! This and the former blog were always a place to share our honest opinions. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve given up hope. I haven’t yet, and if I’d moved with my husband permanently in time, I would have run against the incumbent who runs without opposition in a FLASH, even though I really have no qualifications except common sense :-) If he tries again in four years….back me up friend, because I WILL! Get your hand out of my back pocket Mister! (him, not you)

  8. Don't give up Green Bean! says:

    The shadow government that really calls the shots and influences/runs everything gets finance director visits. It is pushing an arrogant returning council member who will win two terms now by default, a shadow government best friend council member that knows and understands nothing and a failed appointed council member who lost in the last election. Citizens don’t have to tolerate this or become apathetic. They don’t have to believe what these candidates say they are going to do for them. They already have not done anything effective and were obstacles. Giving up is exactly what the shadow government wants you to do and they hope you get out of town while you are at it. Stop them and the increasingly arrogant finance director as he badgers and lectures about how O.S. doesn’t have to listen to state findings, and the only problem the city has is that locals don’t pay enough in taxes! Keep voting these people out that don’t represent you and hold the employees you can’t vote out, accountable.

  9. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    Well what a shame. Understandable but a shame. Without a forum such as this the only viewpoints expressed in media form will be those of the administration and their pet-dog reporter. And of course that local radio forum they use to spout the mantra on the airwaves. It is difficult enough to follow the lunacy even if many are watching, without some way for the watchers to alert others it will only get worse. We live in a place where the people who pay the bills have increasingly less ability to influence what their money buys and how much they are forced to pay for unknown benefit. If any. Our “leaders” have become spin doctors and are dispensing mind altering drugs thinly disguised as facts, knowing full well that as individuals we have little chance to stop them. This blog gave an opportunity, however slight, to get alternative thoughts out to many, in the hope that the power of numbers might halt or slow the city hall steamroller. So, is there any possibility that rather than ending this blog a new blogmaster could step forward? Is there any local person who has the time and ability to keep the blog alive? Is there any chance? What about it, Tom? You have carried the torch long and well, could you pass it on rather than letting it die? Give it some thought and maybe some of the faithful dissidents might want to comment as well.?

    • People need a blog like this. says:

      The Mayor is now behind locked doors at the 4.7 million dollar Taj Mahal firehouse. The old one is for sale at $125,000, 2.6% of the new one’s cost. The last mayor also was behind locked doors too at the Recreational Properties building bought for over 1/2 million. Someone other than the city and its taxpayers went on to do well on those 2 lots and building of the old city hall. It sold for a lot less than the city paid for the Recreational Properties building with its locked doors to the mayor’s office. How long will Ocean Shores citizens allow these things to continue as normal? They would occur less frequently if a blog like this kept everyone informed. Of course that might bring on the wrath of the power structure and another blog-master would be a target if the blog did not make the people behind locked doors happy like the North Coast News does.

      • Fred C. Dobbs says:

        Good points. I would think that a new blogmaster would want to remain anonymous for that very reason. I would have no need to know the name of a blogmaster; I would be much more concerned with the ideas and information their existence would allow to be aired. The administration of O/S is cartwheeling out of control and the only hope to stop it is having enough people know about it and object. The problem for me is simple; they want to spend more than I want to give . They want to fund more than I think I want to pay for or feel I need. They want to do what is best for them and I want to pay only for that which is best for taxpayers. Why should our policies and practices be of most benefit to about 70 employees, only half of which live here and not mostly benefit the other 5700 residents and 13000 taxpayers. Inquiring minds want to know. It is not that taxpayers don’t see benefit, it is just that the employees seem to benefit the most. I hope this dialogue continues.

      • sandbuster says:

        And your comments are going to change anything? Nope, not going to happen. I say this because from the sounds, your aren’t all that intelligent to begin with…

    • jus' sayin' says:

      Oh Randy, Angelo already outed you as dog walking buds, c’mon you snake!

      • Somebody has to carry on this blog, where else are we going to hear all sides?

      • Too many small minds says:

        Don’t know what jus’ sayin’ is talking about here. Randy may walk his dog and Angelo walks his dog. I know that Fred C. Dobbs is not Randy. Many people walk dogs here. Many people walk here. The fact that they walk does not make them agree on the issues. The only snakes here are those that think disagreeing makes you mortal enemies. There is a time and place for everything and only small minded people think like that.

      • Fred C. Dobbs says:

        jus’sayin’ seems to spend more time sayin’ than is spent on knowin’. Apparently sayin’ is so important that spewing wrong info doesn’t matter. Perhaps another mayoral candidate, pre-trained and all?

  10. J. Spencer says:

    The latest water plan show expenses rising 2 % and revenues rising 1% so why does the cartwheeling, spendy finance director raise water rates 10% and does nothing about the 2% rise in costs? Why do the 70 employees get 2 to 4% every year in wages and benefits and the 5700 and 13000 get less than the year before. Why don’t people see the unfairness and inequity of this? Does their blindness mean Ocean Shores is doomed as a retirement place? Those already here are trapped by the real estate bust. Making things even more expensive for everybody is the road to ruin. The unattractive weather and strip mall mentality is becoming too expensive and tedious to tolerate without complaint.

    • Fred C. Dobbs says:

      The dis-proportionate raises in water fees are intended to refill the reserves that the ridiculous 20 year “payback” plan for inter-fund loans are not doing. And of course to fund needed maintenance and upgrades which those depleted reserves were meant to accomplish.The “payback” scheme relies entirely on anticipated growth to generate the payment, so there is no real loss of available funds to play with. Any “payback” which doesn’t hurt some will only encourage further acts of pillage. And what great timing, raising available revenue just before the start of union negotiations with the teamsters which are the water dept. saviors. Another canny move by the amateur dictator who apparently works for the employees.

      • Helen says:

        The mayor and her employees are spending $2,115,510 on water and $325,000 on something called a shared utility. Out of that money, huge allocations are being paid to city hall. Her employees already make more than most of the people who retired to Ocean Shores have ever made. Most of her city employees don’t even live here to help pay the bills they create with their spending. Ocean Shores doesn’t even know if spending is even checked to be really necessary or effective by somebody that works for the taxpayers interests. There seems is no engineering analysis going on anywhere except by consultants who are not accountable to taxpayers. Ocean Shores should go to better tasting, cheaper county water and not be under the mayor’s thumb and her union employees.

      • Pat says:

        Yada, yada, yada…

  11. JBird says:

    I will miss your blog Tom. I think I might even miss “The Committee” as it was mighty entertaining at times. Godspeed.

  12. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    So, as of last Monday the police and fire depts. want an additional 439K worth of people and goods to continue serving the same number of people in the same size hamlet. And no one has yet made comment here. Seems like it was lucky that we got that utility fee in place so we could continue to live beyond our means. I guess the people of O/S have decided to snooze and lose. Why not just elect the staff and be done with the nonsense?

    • More More More says:

      Until the council puts their collective foot down and demand the detail in the budget that they want it will continue. The mayor does not understand the process. A proposed budget is just that, a proposal. The executive branch does this at all levels of government. The legislative branch reviews what has been presented and then adjusts it to meet their policy making desires. Then the executive implements the budget approved by the legislative branch. Her insisting on a “letter” as her only detail is further proof that a return to the City Manager/Council form of government makes the most sense for Ocean Shores. This should be done as soon as possible before she finds more ways to suck money out of the property owners, businesses and residents for the same level of service if not less. The only ones getting more are the staff. Soon you will hear that we need a bigger new city hall again. The police will want a bigger police station after all the repairs have been done to that building. Already they want a bigger evidence room. As little as they are there, they should just make the whole thing an evidence room. I am surprised they don’t want a garage for the vehicles like the public works people. Maybe just buy fewer cars and let them drive to the police station like the firemen do in their personal cars. Then you would only need 4 cars maximum per shift.

      • Richard T. says:

        This makes one wonder why you never see a private vehicle of a police employee parked at the police station. Does the police vehicle allocation program approved by the director mean every officer gets a Ford explorer and now we must buy them new ones. Why not stop the expense of personal allocation and allow the vehicles to be shared after coming to work in a non-city owned vehicle. Just because an employee chooses to live elsewhere other than Ocean Shores should not mean the taxpayers have to provide the employee a vehicle. What is the written down city policy on this vehicle allocation plan. Nobody seems to know, not even the mayor and nobody wants to ever discuss this.

      • sandbuster says:

        Why don’t you look behind the Police Department or the north side of the Fire Department genius. You have no idea what your talking about. Before you sound off, get your facts straight.

      • sandbuster says:

        Over 75% of the department drives their own vehicles to work. Get your facts straight genius. Ever check the back parking lot of the Police Department or the north side of the Fire Department? Obviously not.

      • Arma Ross says:

        You arrogantly defend something badly and expensively run. There is a police vehicle allocation program and what is this “over 75%” cop out? Where is the policy and proof city vehicles are not being driven to an employee’s home with city gas. Where is the proof those vehicles on the North side of the fire station are police employee private vehicles and not firemen and fire volunteer private vehicles? Richard T. and More and More may be wrong but with all the mistrust and mistakes of city government there is no reason to believe what some nasty person trying trash this opinion blog says. Bring forth the proof and you win the argument. If you can’t you and your friends deserve all the harsh criticism there is for running this city with your secret agenda.

      • Rule says:

        The current rule per the 2013-2015 contract: c) Employees who reside more than fifteen (15) highway miles outside of Ocean Shores city limits shall not be permitted
        to take home their assigned patrol vehicle or participate on critical incident response teams: provided that the Chief may
        permit reasonable exceptions to this provision based on a consideration of Department needs.

      • Math says:

        10 employees live 15 miles away and come to work 4 days a week for 50 weeks. It cost 55 cents a mile to operate city vehicles. What is the maximum amount taxpayers must be taxed to give this gift to the police union. 10x30x4x.55×50=$33,000. It is fourth grade stuff that the city should not do this.

      • Morgan says:

        Exactly! But these takers will also continue to grab all they can. They’re not needed and this poor ‘City’ should be unincorporated before it goes bankrupt, which would also accomplish the end of the lunacy and tax payer rip offs.

  13. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    I suspect the mayor understands the process all too well. First she intentionally mis-represents the rules to the unwitting council. Then the unwitting fail to correct her and fail to demand answers to relevant questions. Then her staff tenders erroneous data to the council in support of their wish list of things desired to make their lives easies and more opulent. Then she also cites the same “needs”. Then she tells council that she is in charge and refuses to say no to the employees. Then the majority of the council again fail to apply any common sense or critical thinking and give her what she wants and if not exactly then they sit quietly and endure her tirades. And that is the process as we know it today. And how would she know any better since it has been that way since she moved here. It is time for a change. Today the council, tomorrow the mayor-as dictator form of government. The longer we wait the worse it will get. The time to stomp a snake is when you first hear the rattle. This form of government in O/S reminds me of those old commercials on television for transmission repair where the drooling idiot looks at the broken car and says “Gosh,boss, I always wanted to try fixing one of those(gosh,folks, I always wanted to try to run a city)”.

  14. just a renter but? says:

    If the state always finds problems when they audit the city and the city never acts on the reports why can’t somebody forward this blog to the state? why were the sprinklers watering the grass yesterday morning when it was raining very hard? Again I don’t understand why the state can’t look into many of the wrong doings or concerns that have been brought to light? Why do we need stupid little lights on the trees at the main entrance? Why does the counsel stand by and just allow things to be done wrong? Tom had always at least kept the people informed the NEW paper is useless. As a renter the only thing I am stuck with is paying way to much for water and now I hear that they may raise that again. Why was it said that the clam dig days were not calculated as part of the 90 days now checking into that I’m told they do not count as extra days? This city will fail maybe it will be for the better so at least the people on fixed income will have a chance to be able to shop at the local grocery store with normal prices instead of going to the big city or without????????????????

    • Piss the money away says:

      Clam dig days count towards the 90 days. There was a proposal by the RV crowd that they be given to them as another way of getting people here. How about just giving them free hotel days instead. BTW, the water sprinklers are on a timer. It would cost more to send an employee out to turn them off when it rains. Yes, they could put a sensor on the system, but we would have to hire three consultants to determine which sensor to buy, when was the best time of year to install it, how to evaluate the best method to request bids, how to write the bidding process, how to accept the bids, how to select the winning bid after evaluating the offered bids and how to notify the winning bidder that they won. Then we would have to repeat the same process for selecting the party that installs the sensor. In about 15 years the process would have finished and we would have to scratch it all because the existing watering system would need replacing and by then DOE, Fish and Wildlife, and the Corps of Engineers would have to be consulted.

      • sandbuster says:

        Math on…….four live in the city, one lives within 15 miles. The rest do not. Get your facts straight. It’s called elementary fact gathering.

  15. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    Sandbuster; you’re probably right. It is even worse than we suspected. Thank you for pointing out the even greater drain on the taxpayer than was previously reported. We certainly need our police to be vigilant and ever-ready at an hours notice. Ye gods, what will we do if the clams riot????

    • sandbuster says:

      Thank you for entertaining my family and I. You have proved to be a laughing stock around our place. We certainly enjoy making fun of you. Please, keep us laughing, repost.

      Laughing about you everyday.

  16. sandbuster says:

    Still laughing today!

  17. Mr Voie says:

    Missing you AND my old friend Pancho these days. Coast just isn’t the same without you both.

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