This is a joke, right?

Received this email about last night’s “special meeting,” which just can’t be right, can it? “John Lynn, motioned that the Mayor establish her negotiated union contract with the police union. Randy Scott seconded the motion. There was no discussion. Dan Overton was absent. The vote was 5 to 1. Ed Engel was opposed. The meeting was adjourned. There was no information given as to what is in the police contract. The term is from July 23, 2013 to December 31, 2015. The meeting lasted less than five minutes.”

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30 Responses to This is a joke, right?

  1. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    IOf course this is a joke: another in a lkng line of jokes at the taxpayers expensa. From those wonderful folks at city hell.

  2. Steve A says:

    Nothing about this in the Northcoast “News”

  3. Bill says:

    In the No Coast news today, it says, in a special meeting where the outcome seemed already decided without comment, the Ocean Shores City Council voted 5-1 Monday night to move forward with an agreement in the union contract covering police officers. The lone no vote in the three minute long session belonged to Councilman Ed Engel.

  4. Green bean says:

    Gee – Now there is a real surprise!! NOT!!!!!!!

  5. Math for Attorneys 101 says:

    Did anyone do the math? If they get $6170 more in sales tax they will give them a 2% to 4% increase. If 2/3 of the police budget is payroll of $850,000 your cost to give that 2% to 4% increase is $17000 to $34000. Shouldn’t the impact on the budget be net sum zero? The increase in sales tax should have been 2.75% to 5.5%? I guess they can raise the Ambulance Utility to cover this net loss when it happens. It will free up the General Fund from anything they want soon.

  6. Green bean says:

    Seems like this blog has gone dormant. Anybody know anything? Where did everybody go??
    Anybody got any news on the big fire on south end today? It took them a long time to get enough help/mutual aid to control it. Bet they wished they still had their bull dozer standing by like on the 4th.. I’ll bet that is the next piece of equipment the city will want to buy to have on hand. Maybe some of our retired/semi-retired heavy equipment folks could be signed on to drive it and get paid for their work on a as needed voucher basis. Some guys/(gals too) really like to drive those things, especially in a crisis.

    • Can we learn from others? says:

      No, they will want one of these!

      They will want to put in the firebreak all the way down the beach. But we will probably get a sign at the entrance to town that says we are Fire Ready or Firewise and they will pass out flyers about protecting your property. It will be funded by grants and city employee time as a match. Everyone involved will stand in front of the sign and get their picture in the paper. They need to LEARN from others!
      There is an annual INSPECTION FEE. There are ORDERS to CLEAN your property. There are FINES if you don’t and they DO the work for you. Now this is a program! Note that it uses CONTRACTORS instead of city employees so the EXCUSE about not having enough staff holds no water.

  7. Green bean says:

    Wow, Just watched the TV News and saw it was some MoTard driving his AWD out in the dunes and high centered it. Then his overheated vehicle started the fire and burned up as part of the fire. It said he burned his feet in the process. First off – what was he thinking going joy riding four wheeling in the dunes!!! Just another example of people coming here from where ever and just deciding to do what they want, where they want, anytime they want, with no regard for laws, rules, limits and no ability to use common sense!! I really hope the city/county continue to hold this MoTards feet to the fire and send him a nice big fat bill for his recklessness.

  8. I lost the blog a few months ago, what is going on?
    As to the fire, four days have past and not a single word as to who the heck this guy that started it is, makes me wonder. Boy do I miss Tom! Tom would have had the guy’s name and hometown in the blog and NCNews by the next day. The daily weird had 2 or 3 paragraphs and no names 2 days later.

  9. NCN get it together. says:

    It is strange that he was not named in the Daily World article. No charges? Why not? Do miss Tom getting right on the stories. By the time we hear things in the NCN it is old news or just a surprise article like the geotubes that really have been a story for some time. That issue needs to b e solved like it was before. The owners of the impacted properties pay for new ones. Why should the city pay for this? As global warming happens we will see more and more of this along the coast. Will we be putting up seawalls at the city’s cost all along the beach?

  10. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    The problem with the NCN getting it together is that they will then lose it all in one place. I tried using it for fishwrap but the ink was so cheap that the news was on the fish. Could be worse, I could have a parakeet who, being union and all, would file a grievance over being forced to have it in the cage. Being beneath it and all. Finally, the payment for the geotubes should be researched, seems it was a DOE grant. The three little rock jetties were privately funded.

  11. Censored says:

    At council meeting last night the mayor stopped anyone from talking about this alleged culprit because she said there was a police investigation. Since when do police investigations get to censor free speech and the press. There was a time under McEachin when the police denied to state charges to the Daily World under John Hughes for a lawbreaker. John Hughes threatened to sue over this unconstitutional violation and the city and McEachin had to eat crow. With a new mayor and police chief the city has to learn all over again they can’t censor because they want to do so. This time with a newspaper that is in the pocket of the mayor and her city, tax paying citizens will only know what she dictates they should know. She again had the fire truck and all the firemen at the meeting last night and they said the DNR had evidence that the perpetrator started the fire with his truck illegally in the Dunes. So why does this have be kept from the news by the mayor?

    • This gets curiouser and curiouser…

    • Makes you wonder says:

      Don’t confuse them with the facts when her mind is already made up. Public comment is not City comment. The city, police, and other law enforcement may not be able to comment about a case, but the public is allowed to comment. The public is not prosecuting this guy. The city, county and state are doing that. Makes you wonder if the city is in trouble because of a lack of signage or other issue and is currently circling the wagons. Where did he access the dunes? Were there signs there that said no driving in the dunes?

    • Lorraine T. says:

      An idiot…don’t know his name, saw his suv and the fire…watched the bulldozer come in and cut the firebreak…heard from city employees that he had burned his feet, either escaping or trying to put out the fire he started. His suv was in the middle of the dunes from the beach crest to the house line about 30′ south of Butterclam walk in, watched it finish burning, watched and tried to stop the fire from jumping the trail to the north (unsuccessfully)…doesn’t really matter if it’s posted or not, someone stupid enough to do this deserved and deserves, whatever he gets. As is said, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”. As to why the new editor of the NCN, he’s already declared which side he’s on. Cheerleader for the Mayor and her cronies…so why would he provide any REAL information?

  12. Nature will always win says:

    ‘Emergency’ considered on erosion – November 3, 1998



    OCEAN SHORES – In a move that would end months of frustrating battles against both the clock and legal opponents, the city of

    Ocean Shores is considering a state of emergency declaration that would allow immediate installation of 540 feet of “geotubes” on the coastline at the south end of town.

    The declaration is listed as the second item on the agenda of a special council meeting Wednesday. What comes of that declaration depends on the first agenda item – an appeal by the Seattle law firm Smith & Lowney, according to Councilman Peter Jordan.

    Smith & Lowney, representing several environmental groups, is appealing the city’s June 23 determination that the geotubes will not have an adverse effect on the environment. Representatives of the law firm were not available for comment this morning.

    But the law firm has argued all along that the tubes – huge sausage-shaped bags full of sand – will be an eyesore that will, among other things, adversely affect the aesthetics of the beach. “If their appeal holds water and indicates further litigation is likely, we could declare a state of emergency,” Jordan said this morning. “But we’ll still be going into this with an open mind.”

    The geotubes would be embedded in a dune north of the North Jetty. City consultants have said the tubes are necessary to save a potential breach which would flood the entire south end of town, destroying city utilities and private condominiums worth millions.

    If the council approves the state of emergency declaration Wednesday, it would be implemented by local government.

    The state of emergency – which, according to several federal and state laws, can be declared because an “imminent threat to public health, safety and the environment” exists – would also be subject to appeal. But by the time an appeal is filed, the geotubes will be installed, Jordan said.

    The state of emergency would also cap a 21ÿ2-year process filled with numerous hurdles, including a race against the clock to install the tubes before the 1998-99 winter storm season.

    On Sept. 18, the State Parks & Recreation Commission voted to extend a permit for the project. State Parks had jurisdiction over the work area because part of the project falls within the state’s Seashore Conservation Area. Funding the geotubes

    In early October, an on-site inspection by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers found the city did not need a Corps permit to place the geotubes.

    All this came after the state Legislature had already appropriated $175,000 to pay for the geotubes, which will take about two weeks to install. If they are placed, the dune-strengthening tubes will only be there for one storm season, the city says. A one-year gap of no protection would then occur while the city continues to search for a long-term solution to the erosion problem.

    Councilman Jordan is among those that has become frustrated with the process. “I think it’s really sad that the groups who are opposing this process spent 21ÿ2 years doing nothing and now they want to use the process to gain their own ends,” Jordan said. “And they want to circumvent the process that they claim they are upholding.”

    The public will be allowed to comment on the issue at the Wednesday meeting. It begins at 6 p.m. at the Ocean Shores Convention Center.

  13. Nature will always win says:
  14. Just Saying... says:

    Hey Tom,

    Would you please tell your wife Desiree that I enjoyed our time together while she was here. I miss meeting with her while you were away doing your reporting. Making my deposits are lonely these days!

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