“Don’t you ever do anything except complain about Ocean Shores?!”

Well, no, here is my writing blog (“fiction and non-; funny and yawn”), with a free baseball novel, Arizona magazine writing, fiction works-in-progress . . . and some complaining about O.S.

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14 Responses to “Don’t you ever do anything except complain about Ocean Shores?!”

  1. Complaining says:

    City government supports a tacky LA strip mall on a dirty beach of non-native invasive plants that is a war zone in July. Retirees are conned into moving into cold, gray, weather of a half year empty city with a government that is urged to put tourism and development at the highest priority and gives little attention to the quality of life of residents. Complaining is necessary to stay sane in this peninsula of insanity. If you are not complaining you are probably already insane.

  2. What's Next says:

    Are upper class individuals running Ocean Shores? Let’s hope not because there is no written ethics policy. Seven studies reveal that upper-class individuals behave more unethically than lower-class individuals. In studies 1 and 2, upper-class individuals were more likely to break the law while driving, relative to lower-class individuals. In follow-up laboratory studies, upper-class individuals were more likely to exhibit unethical decision-making tendencies, take valued goods from others, lie in a negotiation, cheat to increase their chances of winning a prize, and endorse unethical behavior at work, than were lower-class individuals. Mediator and moderator data demonstrated that upper-class individuals’ unethical tendencies are accounted for, in part, by their more favorable attitudes toward greed.

    • Retired and tourism slaves says:

      Probably right. The only people making money hand over fist here are the city employees. The rest of the place is retired or subsistence workers for the tourism industry.

      • Fred C. Dobbs says:

        Probably true. As long as we keep electing amateur mayors who desperately need the cooperation of the employees to make their performance look good there will be no adjustment in public employees’ costs. This area has traditionally been a lower income area than the Seattle- Olympia area and the cost of living is equally lower. yet we pay at or above the wage scales for those areas to public employees while private enterprise continues to pay about 60% and offers few if any benefits and much less job security. I doubt the majority of our elected officials have the courage, the wisdom, or even the desire to change it.The ones who have tried have felt the wrath of those who are benefitting.

  3. What's is this contract? says:

    Monday’s special Ocean Shores City Council meeting:

    Ramada Inn (2nd Floor)
    845 Ocean Shores Blvd. NW
    Ocean Shores, Washington
    A Resolution of the City Council of the City of Ocean Shores, Washington, authorizing the Mayor to execute a Collective Bargaining Agreement with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local #252 for the period of July 23, 2013 through December 31, 2015.

    • Fred C. Dobbs says:

      Who knows??? My guess is it don’t look as good for the taxpayer as it does for the police. No wonder their chief spends most of his time in city hall. Close to the amateur mayor who seems bent on further enrichening the union employees. But we peons will have to wait to check her work until it is too late to change anything. Wonder how she will manipulate things so she can again be the deciding vote. We need a sign on the mayors” office “Ethically Vacant” At least people would be warned.

    • Stephanie says:


      • more pay for less says:

        What is the rush? Could this not have been handled at the normal council meeting next week when citizens normally expect a council meeting? Who is going to be on vacation now or then that the mayor needs to approve this vote? The current contract continues until the new contract is approved, even if expired. Is there that much “savings” that it will be a budget breaker to wait a week? I wonder why there is no budget amendment required on this contract. Do we have more slop in the budget to pay more? Where will the cuts come from to pay for increases? Oh! The ambulance utility will cover all of this extra spending. They are now flush with new money to spend more on salaries and still fail to provide more services with those funds. I hope they don’t come hat in hand for more money or any new levies or levy renewals in the next two years. They may be surprised. I hope the refinance of the Convention Center goes as planned.

      • Fred C. Dobbs says:

        And a good point it is!

  4. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    Sadly they have no need to clutch their hats in their hands to raise the utility rate; they just have to say they “need” it and manipulate the process to line up a majority of the council who don’t get it or don’t care what it costs the ratepayers. Or they could always arrange things so the mayor breaks a tie. That one has already proven that she neither gets it or cares.

  5. George says:

    The rush is over now comes the paying for something called law enforcement. Are city laws enforced?

  6. more pay for less says:

    Is that a rhetorical question? The next contract, the clerical one, should be interesting too. I wonder when they will address the “Exempt Employee” contract? Now that we have few of those titles filled they should address changes in them to avoid any impact on sitting employees. The Finance Director and Public Safety Director will retire soon probably. So, plan for that too in the contract. Have a contingency clause that says the changes will happen when the position is vacated. Plan ahead.

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