Your city government at work . . .

From City Hall: “Tom, Attached is the third installment of records in response to your May 10, 2013 request for “copies of all electronic communication (‘emails’) for the period of Sept. 1, 2012 through May 10, 2013 between (‘sent’ and ‘received’) the Daily World and North Coast News and all elected Ocean Shores officials and all ‘Exempt Employees’ of Ocean Shores.

“While there appears to be blank pages in the second email of this attachment, nothing was omitted.  The original documents were scanned on both sides, so these pages that appear to be blank are actually just the back sides of the previous pages. This is the way they appeared in the original attachment.”

Consider the process, reader/taxpayer: I ask for emails; City Hall gathers the emails; City Hall prints the emails; City Hall scans the emails; City Hall emails the scanned emails to me.

And then, of course, City Hall whines about how time-consuming public records requests are!

Can anyone perhaps see a more efficient way that City Hall could have satisfied this request? Best answer gets 100 bonus points in your Ocean Shores Oligarchy board game.

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6 Responses to Your city government at work . . .

  1. A more efficient way says:

    Under Washington law, emails to or from public employees and officials that relate to the conduct of government or the performance of any governmental or proprietary function, regardless of the email addresses used or where the emails are stored, are public records subject to public disclosure. It is so easy and cheap to send email copies and get an electronic receipt. Ocean Shores is so mistrusted and incompetent that its fear of lawsuits motivates it to go through this expensive paper blizzard probably to get a paper receipt to prove it has complied. Another reason it may do it this way is to make work and complain how expensive it is for citizens to know what their government is dong. Useless work also gives an excuse to say more employees are needed. The city is not very good at saving money or improving service so you get this kind of wasteful method of completing what should be a simple task.

  2. Anne Immelnut says:

    Makes you wonder why they had to be printed, then scanned and sent. Hmmm? Edited???

  3. Rick says:

    Things could be left out. How would anyone know unless there is an audit?

  4. Short live the Queen says:

    She has become balkanized in the Public Safety Fortress. She has no clue these days and listens to no one about anything. It is time to reverse the change to Mayor/Council government. The pool of individuals capable of running a city is too shallow here. Time to cut salaries to those similar to those that live here and make do. If we hire consultants and contractors to do everything now, why do we pay these people so much? We are not Hoquiam. We are not Aberdeen. Hoquiam was established in 1890. I suspect that their water and sewer systems need upgrades that a city that was established in 1960 does not need. Quit trying to nickel and dime the citizens with new creative fees and charges. Time to do the real cuts. Stop the foolishness.

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