Questions to ask tonight

1) How much did you budget to pay the computer guy who is doing all kinds of work for the city without competitive bid, and how much have you paid him this year, to date?

2) Seriously, how much are you paying the computer guy?

3) . . . .Why won’t anyone say how much the computer guy is getting paid???!!!!

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3 Responses to Questions to ask tonight

  1. Cheap Fix says:

    You missed the server problems at Fire/Police and Public Works. You would have thought they had automatic back-up installed for mission critical services.

    • Why is this a cheap fix? says:

      What kind of a server costs over $5000? Who knows anything about this other than the computer guy with the secret payments? Why do taxpayers never get any details on these high costs so they know why they are so high?

  2. Ocean shores taxpayers are getting robbed! says:

    I thought the computer guy already worked for the city in another dept??

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