Fairy Tales in O.S. tonight!

Hear Alice talk about how “our city government just keeps getting smaller and smaller and smaller, but the property owners’ bills just keep getting bigger and bigger . . .” Watch her follow the White Rabbit so deep into your pocket they’ll need oxygen!¬†

Listen to Curley Howard explain the complexities of city government! (“Uh, can you explain that to me again, Mr. Finance Director?”) Watch Moe Howard pinch the noses of his fellow Stooges!

Here’s Snow White’s “the only real increase in revenue we are experiencing is the EMS utility” (which should be called the O.S. Salaries Utility) letter to the seven dwarfs. Just to switch metaphors . . . .

Will any peasants raise fears over how to pay for the balloon payments for the Magic Kingdom?

It all happens at the Castle of Debt, where that good-ol’-boy director’s idea of “promoting business” was to go so far into the hole (move over, Alice) that the good-ol’-taxpayers had to fund (another) multi-million dollar interfund loan.

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4 Responses to Fairy Tales in O.S. tonight!

  1. Loren Taylor says:

    Oh how I have missed these posts .. I have taken my sparkly red shoes out and will be wearing them when I walk down Chance ala the yellow brick rode on my way to the Emerald City tonight !!!

  2. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    I’m guessing that todays’ predictions will look a lot like tomorrows minutes/

  3. This city fairy tale is indeed Grimm. says:

    Fairy tales at least have some logic while council sessions have none at all. Council members in mid session get up and compete with each other to hand money gifts to the head of the chamber of commerce. The chamber of commerce is not a city department. What’s up with that? The white rabbit knows where he is going. The Ocean Shores city government hasn’t got a clue where it is going. We all would have been better off retiring in Wonderland where at least the characters have a sense of purpose other than getting deeper into our pockets.

    • Fred C. Dobbs says:

      Have no fear! Yet another big-city developer has arrived to save us! As soon as we change our comprehensive plan for zoning to enrichen him even if he does nothing but re-sell. Too good to be true usually is and O/S has a record of being an easy bamboozle.

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